Tuesday, 10 May 2016

DW, the write up

Maybe, just maybe it is time to start writing up my DW story.

A little bit of info about me, for those of you who do not know me, or who haven't read about me. I am a C1 paddler. I paddle. That's the basics. Ive been told I'm modest, and I know I'm pretty quiet. As for racing, yes, I race, I race unintentionally slowly.  Over a month on I cannot get my head round how much I have achieved. And no, I had no idea whats so ever that I would appear on a magazine cover or that people would be reading about my racing journey on Facebook, yes, that defiantly made the series races interesting - oh I've read about you and you're the one that is going for a record.

My DW journey started a few years ago, standing in the cold, putting food in paddlers mouths and trying my best to cheer on crews, whilst panicking about making it to the next support point on time. For some reason, whilst standing there watching various crews pass, I always felt that the C1 paddlers made things look easy. All this was pre Shadow, pre training and pre support crew.

The build up to DW consisted of 6 races in 2 different series. Anyway, I won them both and became the first female C1 paddler to complete the Thameside series ever!

People ask if I've recovered from DW, physically, yes, mentally, no.

DW, well, what can/should I say? It was hard, frustrating and awesome, all rolled into 3 adrenaline filled days. My DW race ended quite dramatically, and I still might not be fully recovered from the mental scars. Day 1 and 2 though, I loved, charging along the canal portaging Shadow and waiting for the C1 men to overtake.

I think that the majority of people this year feel that they have unfinished business with the race. No-one except the overnight crews were able to complete the full distance. I personally would have been chuffed to finish at the end of Day 3 (I remain terrified of the still unknown Tideway).

So next year? I would like to reach the 100 mile mark at least next time. I now have a different boat and a nutter who will help steer us to Westminster, I think we have everything prepared except for.... a support crew, so who is up for it???

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