Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Tonight was my first 4km time trial after DW. My aim was the same as it has been for every time trial at the moment, to be under 30 minutes. It's elusive, but that's my aim.

I paddled it in 32.35 tonight, a minute and half slower than my pb. It had been raining for the past 2 days, and the river was flowing fast. You never really realise how fast it is until you try to go under the bridge at Foley. I struggled to get under the bridge, with the flow pushing me to the right, after the bridge came the turn, I didn't make the turn, at this point the flow was pushing me to the left, towards moored boats and the edge of the island. Flashback to DW time, flow, moored boats and me and Shadow. I can't recall how I got out of the situation this time and that's an odd feeling, I remember starting to turn Shadow and I remember being the other side of the bridge and that's it. 

Tonight I was wobbly and fearful of falling in. But that's, what I need to do, to regain some of my confidence, I need to fall out of Shadow. 

So Shadows' and my story continues...

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